More about Constant, the author

Constant van Graan

Hi there, my name is Constant van Graan, and I like telling stories. I grew up in Kempton Park, South Africa, and later moved with my family to Namibia and lived in a house that was haunted. I started writing when I was young – in an old notebook with a leather casing.

When I was older, my parents bought me a guitar. At first, I wasn’t really impressed – I wanted a new tennis racquet instead – but later I started writing my own songs and I realized my parents are wiser than I thought. Ever since, I’ve been writing and singing (I am the lead singer and songwriter of Pelican State) and I promised myself to do that till I couldn’t anymore. These days Potchefstroom is my home, which I share with Rembrandt, my pot plant.

I am often on Instagram and YouTube (but less often on Facebook) if you want to contact me.

Enjoy Kalimbula! Be sure to meet with Josh, Njeri, Charlie and all the other characters and remember: if you want to become a full member of the valley, you must do the Nyamba wa Rombo test to see what your totem animal is …

“If you seek answers, you need to sacrifice a part of yourself. If you trust yourself enough, the answers might not only make you wiser, but save your life. And eventually, all the people around you”