Follow the adventures of Jungu Josh in the following books

Jungu Josh 1:
The Golden Calabash

Josh lives with his aunt and her family on a farm in East Africa after his mother went missing. One day, he is led away form the farm to Kalimbula, a secret valley, where he must find the wise man, Ngandu. Not only can Ngandu help him with answers about his mother’s disappearance, but Josh receives an important mission: “find the golden calabash”. With the help of a 15-year-old girl, Njeri, he confronts terrifying animals and the evil professor on his way to the truth.

Jungu Josh 2:
The Warrior of Abumondja

Josh is Chief Zimbila, the Honey Badger, king of Kalimbula. He keeps his confidants close: wise old Ngandu, fearless Njeri and Charlie the aardwolf. But the dangers threatening Kalimbula are obscure and sinister. The secret circle of elders with their red cloaks may be able to help, but Josh is unsure if they accept him as the new king. Masheba’s advice comes at a price. Will Kalimbula be saved before it is too late and everything around Josh falls to pieces?

Jungu Josh 3: The Waters of Wafu

Silvia, Josh’s mother, has been lying like this for three days: unconscious on a gazelle hide mattress in a hospital hut in Liba, Village of Kings. And Njeri is nowhere to be found. Josh and Charlie, the aardwolf, must venture into the valley to find allies for the great battle that lies ahead. The children of New Jerusalem welcome them to the Yellow Forest, but the Mashurukus want Josh’s blood and they will destroy Kalimbula if he doesn’t leave the forest and stop them. Will he ever know if Njeri really betrayed them? And what lies behind Aunt Verona’s obsession with Kalimbula and the waters of Wafu?


The Jungu Josh series is published by Tafelberg (NB Publishers). Visit the website.

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